Welcome to the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) cattle sales advertising service. Use this service to post future auction market or private sales information on your BIXS registered cattle.

Users of this service have the following two options:
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IMPORTANT NOTE - Anyone can view BIXS cattle ad listings, you do not have to be a registered BIXS registrant. However, in order to post onto this BIXS service you must agree to the Terms and Conditions, be registered on BIXS and the cattle must be registered to your BIXS account inventory. You will require your BIXS Business Identifier Number (BIN) to post ads. This number will NOT be made public, but is used for administration and service usage monitoring purposes.

Where to find your BIXS
Business Identification Number?

To find your BIXS Business Identification Number (BIN) log into your account. Then click on 'Your Business' tab at the top. You will locate your BIN (Business Identifier - highlighted in red here) in the 'My Business' section of the page as shown to the right.